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And, after he got married, he came to Mumbai and his wife came along with him, and his mother. He wanted to meet me terribly, but I just did not let him come to my house, because I don't wanted to be any part of his life and don't wanted to ruin his family life and mine too....
It was Wednesday evening and, I was climbing up the stairs of the building, where I lived. My phone rings... tringgggggggggg... tringggggggggggg... I watched at the screen of my phone, and the number seems to me totally unknown. I did not have that number in my phone book. I was little confused, and I wasn't ready to pick up the call, so I just ignored it, but again it rings for few seconds, and now I did not know what to do, so I just answer the call "HELLOOO"... There was male voice at the other end, said "HELLOOO"...

I asked him, whom is he looking for, and he said..." could I speak to Pradeep dai"? (Pradeep dai is my uncle). I said, its wrong number, it?s not him, and the person at the other side on the phone, says... "Yes, I know". I was surprised to hear that answer, and I asked him, then why did he took trouble of calling my number, if he knew that, it was not Pradeep dai? I hung up the phone and, passed the message to my uncle.

And, next day when I got back home from my work, it was almost 7:00pm. I was so tired, I came walking home, because, the bus was taking too long to come, so I just walked home, it took me almost 30 minutes to get home. I rang the door bell, and my aunty, came and opened the door for me. She told me as usual, to change and come; she will get my evening tea ready. When I came to the kitchen, she was preparing kind of varieties of food, I asked her, whom she is making the food for?
She said the guy who called my phone yesterday, looking for my uncle, is coming over for dinner tonight.
I asked my aunt, who the guy is exactly, and how do they got to know him?
She said, they met him oh the train, while they had been to home town, and he is very nice guy and etc...etc....

After I had my tea, I went to my room and started correcting the test papers of the kids, as I was a teacher in primary school and I used to teach.
And, after a while the door bell uncle opened the door and it was him I guess!!!
I was in my room, I just heard, was the noise from the living room, they were talking.
My aunt calls me out and meets him, I was so embarrassed for being rude and hung up the phone on him previous day, but I still had to go and greet him. He was in his late twenties, with black and big dreamy eyes, friendly smile, little bald and very nice build and perfectly looked like a decent gentleman.
He was wearing blue formal shirt, gray trousers and tie on his neck.
He had dropped in our place straight from his office. I spoke to him only for couple of minutes and went back to my room and continued with my work again. It was dinner time, I had to come out again, which I was feeling really uneasy, but had no choice left, so I had to come out and have dinner with all.
And the guy left, around 11:00 pm, and we all went to sleep as well.
Next, evening when I was getting back home from school (work), I got the call again from him. Now, I had saved that number, so I saw his name blinking on the screen, thought for a while and answered the call. And had normal talk for couple of minutes, and from that day, he started calling me once in every single day.
So on and on, some times I used to call him too, but very rarely, and my aunt and uncle started talking about him every time I am around them, I had no idea why, but slowly and gradually, I came to know that, they likes him and wants me to, get to know more about him, and they wanted to know, how I feel about him, and what I have in my mind for him.
I told them that, he is too old for me, and I have no such feeling about him, but they wanted me to try to know him from close.

One day, he came to my house and wanted me to take him to the Hanging Park, which was close to my house in Mumbai, because, he lives out of city and it takes 2-3 hours to reach my home by car.
So, by that time we knew each other more or less, we sat in the park and talked for a while, and we talked about our likes and dislikes and etc.. etc...
As and then the days passed, we became more and more close to each other. We started seeing each other more often; at least once in a week, he used to come to my house, because, I never used to feel comfortable meeting him outside. And he proposed me after few months, and I didn't know what to say, because I also had started having feelings for him, but somehow, somewhere, in the some corner of my heart, had feelings that his and mine relationship wont last. I had that feeling from the very beginning.

But, I could not say "NO" too. And after couple of weeks passed, my answer was "YES", but I was not that sure, though I accepted his proposal, and 6-7 months went like that, and it was February, little cold outside, and I was home in the evening. He called my phone; I spoke to him, he sound little upset, his voice was down... I asked him what happened, he said come outside and talk, don't talk in front of uncle and aunt, I got really worried, and I said okay and went outside to the balcony of 3rd floor. Then he said he got a call from home, and they (his parents) want him to come over, but he said, he doesn't want to go home. I asked why, he said because his parents wants him to get married with the girl they have looked for him, as they did not know about me.
And he asked me if I want to run away from home and get marry with him, but my answer was very tough and heart breaking for him, I wont be doing that, firstly, because I am too young to get married and, secondly, his parents would never accept me as their daughter-in-law, cause his and mine castes were different, they were Brahmins and I was Buddhist.
And I was told that his cousin brother, who got married with a girl out of their castes, for more then 12 years, he was boycotted from his family. His parents were from an orthodox family, though they were well qualified, but they used to keep the difference between castes and communities.

And, I met him very next day, and spoke to him for almost 3 hours and was trying to convince him to go to his native place and meet his parents and come back, if he is not willing to get married yet, he can go and talk to his parents.
Running away like this is not going to help him or neither me.
And, it was 6th of February,2003', he went to his native place, I had been to the train station to see him off , and I knew its going to be for the last time, he called me in every 5 minutes as long as he was getting the network, but after, his phone battery was dead.
And no calls for 3 days? while he was on the train. Once he reached his home town, he called me from there, and said he reached safely, and I knew very well that his parents would convince him to get married, and I started to have some feelings of loosing the valuable treasure I had, and felt suffocated, confused, did not know what?s going to happen tomorrow.
He called me after 3 days, and my first question to him was, did u see the girl?
He was zipped for a while and says, how do I know that?
And I said, just say, Yes or No? He said Yes!
And, suddenly my eyes were filled with tears, and I could not speak up anything, anymore.
He was trying to explain me that, he hasn't said Yes, yet though.
And, I said not to wait, just say Yes. His family will be happy if he does so, and he can be happy only if he listens to the family.
If he gets married with me, giving no respects, to the family, he will suffer and will regret after few years.
Though he will be happy with me, after we get married, for few years, but after the time passes, he will start to get frustrated, because he will have no one else around from his family when he needs them," EXCEPT ME"...
That is the reason why, I wanted him to get married with his family's choice.

And, I think his answer was "Yes' to the proposal. And, it was 22nd of February, I was just getting ready to go out with my uncle and aunt, he calls me and says his wedding is fixed; it?s on 24th of February. I was utter less, could say nothing, but started getting panicky and weeping so loud, my aunt and uncle heard, and he was crying too at the other end of the phone, he was trying to make me understand, and my uncle entered the room and was very furious and wanted to talk to him, but I told my uncle, he is doing according to me. He is not wrong.
And, after he got married, he came to Mumbai and his wife came along with him, and his mother. He wanted to meet me terribly, but I just did not let him come to my house, because I don't wanted to be any part of his life and don't wanted to ruin his family life and mine too.
But, we started talking on the phone, not as usual as before, but once or twice a day, and he was dying to meet me, I too was longing to see him, but had to put some control on my self and make up my mind, what I wanted to in future.
And the couple of months passed by, without meeting him, he was begging me to meet every single day, finally, one day I went to his office to meet him, he was a general manager in BAJAJ GROUP OF COMPANY.
He came to the station to receive me, as soon as he saw me; his eyes were filled and mine too. Because he had not expect me in that condition, he thought I was not bothered about him getting married, the way I forced him, made him feel that I was not in love with him.
But that day, he realized that, whatever I was doing, it was all for him and his family, I had lost so much of weight, I used to cry everyday, I used to hate eating, I realized, how much I also was in love with him, after I came to know that he is not mine anymore.

He was in the same condition, he had become so weak. He hold me so tight and cried, we both went to the restaurant below his office and sat there for couple of hours and talked. We felt like as before, but we knew that nothing we can do.
He said, he care nothing now, he got married because of his parents, now he wants me to come with him to his house and he would admit to his mom and wife, that he is in love with me and want to get marry. I said getting married is not a joke, if I did sacrifice for his family, how can he imagine of me getting back to him and ruin several lives.

So, after that, I could not stay near him and his family, the more I stay close to him, the more he will get close to me and far from his wife. So I decided to get away from there, without his knowledge, I tried for my, foreign country visa, and with luck I did get it.
And, told him one day before I was flying, and he came to my house, and got really upset with me for not letting him know in advanced.
And was asking me, why am I doing that to him? But, I answered him nothing and SMILED, and he knew what my SMILE meant, He came to see me off in the airport, and from the same day he started to try for the visa for the same country I was gone. But FORTUNATELY, he did not get it, and went to another country. He is now a father of a boy, junior is 2 years old now. They all are together, happy. And I am happy for them too. But I have no contacts at all with him since 3 years, I want to LIVE AND LET THEM LIVE....
This is what I had been gone through. But, now I am happy with my life, and I was single for all those years, and hated to fall in love, but now finally I have found the right person, who loves me, and cares for me and respects me and my feelings. I love him so much, and we will be getting married soon, if luck favors us. And I told him all about my past, and he has no problems with it. Past was yours and the Present and the Future is OUR. And he respects me more then before, after he heard the life history of mine he says.
He (my present man) is My Ultimate Man!
But, I always pray for him and his family for their better future. Thanks.

Hi, I read this story, this is so cute n I think this is true love. Getting love is not the only name of love. Falling in love is very easy but to sacrifice it for someone else is hard, so this is TRUE LOVE.
--Sheerika Arora, India

I went through your article...
My eyes filled with tears....
--Tenzing Lama, Kent, UK

It's much good to read & feel.... if it is true story.
--Lagan, Doha, Qatar

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