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MR AND MISS TEEN NEPAL AUSTRALIA 2010 is scheduled to be held in Sydney on 7th August 2010. The event is being organized by DRISHTI TEAM to support the blind students of Durga secondary school, situated at Garamani Jhapa, Nepal.

MR AND MISS TEEN NEPAL AUSTRALIA 2010 is scheduled to be held in Sydney on 7th August 2010. The event is being organized by DRISHTI TEAM to support the blind students of Durga secondary school, situated at Garamani Jhapa, Nepal. There are sixteen blind students in the school who study and stay in the hostel premises.  Due to poor economic condition of the school the students are deprived from the nutritious food, proper clothing and quality education. They have to be satisfied with the poor education, congested room sharing, half empty stomach and improper seasonal clothing. When it came into an acknowledgement of DRISHTI team members they decided to do something to improve the living standards of these poor blind students and they came up with a conclusion of this Mega event MR AND MISS TEEN NEPAL AUSTRALIA 2010.

Though the main objective of this event is to raise vital fund for this school every year through this event, it has other objectives as well such as bringing the role model within teen agers residing in Australia so that they could make a contribution towards Nepalese society in Australia in future as well as to these needy people back in Nepal. DRISHTI TEAM also aims to make the teenagers aware of Nepalese culture, values and tradition by making contestants doing survey for Nepalese cultures and by providing special cultural classes from the most respected culture preservers and contributors of Nepalese community in Sydney. Contestants will be provided with various personality devolvement training from the specialists in various fields including special classes on public speaking.

Both male and female aged between thirteen to nineteen can participate in this contest and make valuable contribution to this great cause whilst enjoying and celebrating the life to its utmost. Contestants will be provided with all the dresses and accessories needed for the show by the organizers. They will be provided with meal and proper care during training period to make their experience most joy able and fun.

Drishti Team invites all the interested teenagers to show their courage, enthusiasm and talent in this platform and prove themselves as an example to all young people, both in conduct, determination, integrity and honesty.

Winners will enjoy:
Return airfare to Nepal… (Inc: tax)
Visit to Durga secondary Blind school, Jhapa to donate the fund raised
Coverage in Nepali times Australia
Exposure through Dreams Unlimited Nepal. (Featured in Music Video, Ad-Campaigns, interviews and appear on front page of various leading magazines and newspapers)
Professional Modeling portfolio
Huge Gift Packages
Celebrity signed souvenir
Celebration dinner at Roxanne Restaurant, Glebe, Sydney

Program Details
7th of August (Saturday)
Time: 4.30 pm
Venue: Marana Auditorium,
             McMahon street
             Hurstville, NSW

For registration and more info please log onto or contact:
INDIRA:  041 3166 096
ASHMA: 040 3680 254
ARATI:   043 1772 983

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