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Let?s awake to the needs of Nepal - Anup Bhandari   Category: U-Turn


It is also a ripe time for young leader from different walks of life with clean image to take the lead to bring backcountry to the right track. These people can people living in self-exile abroad or people excelling in various walks of life in Nepal...
Ladies and Gentlemen president FDR famously quoted that,? the future lies in the hands of people who believe the beauty of their dreams.?
I would take this platform to share my dreams with you. A dream that I have for every individual, family, society and country. A dream to live in a country where broad based democracy is practiced .A country where the good governance is implemented to uplift the people and not to repress them.
However It does not provide me pleasure to remind you that,? until the 1990?s Nepal was repressed by the minority Rana?s and Shah?s.? This minority ruled over the majority with cruelest measures of repression. They even banned the education facilities to the majority of the people until 1951.
In the 1990?s the political parties vowed to bring in a system of broad based democracy and implement good governance towards upliftment of majority. However the political leaders took this as an opportunity to amass personal wealth and fill in their pockets.
The majorities were dissatisfied with the various forms of repression being practiced in the country. The Maoists with the 40 points agenda launched their movement to address these critical issues. However the movement has opted for cruelest forms of violence. To date more than 15000 lives have been taken.
Now the oldest institution of the land, supposedly a unifying forces within the country- The Pink Palace. The pink with numerous coats of blood underneath. The palace, instead of helping towards a betterment of the country?s political development has further deteriorated the situation. The despot king Gyanendra has been vying this as an opportunity to reestablish his feudalistic and autocratic military regime.
a This situation whereby, Nepal has been doomed a state of failure. A nation in verge of anarchy and civil war. A country whose Armed Forces work for one family. In this situation most of the Nepalese people living inside and outside the geographical boundaries of Nepal have been raising thought provoking questions to the critical situation facing the country.
The good sign is that they have arrived to an conclusion,? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.? This is the reason why the uprising has caught a big wave around the country. This also shows an optimist signs that the change is inevitable. The change can come to us through various means: the balance in power, shift in power or even a transitional government.
However the first pre requisite a bigger change would be a republican setting. I would say this with conviction because the past trends of the palace have shown that it does not respect the freedom and sovereignty of the people. The dissolvent of elected body in 1962 by king Mahendra, the manipulative referendum of 1980 by son Birendra and the royal take by despot Gyanendra in October 2001 is fresh in our minds. It is wrong for the palace and its cronies to disdain the fact that ? people become fit in every spheres of life through democracy.? More importantly I strongly believe no individual should be given privileges of such high level by birth. The palace is cancer lump in our minds, which needs to be chopped off immediately.
However the actions of political parties have bruised our foot, which can be medicated. Moreover we have the right to overthrow them for having caused us dissatisfaction. Nevertheless the civil society has to be more cautious to make sure right reforms and good governance is laid in place for a better system. This system will ensure that broad based system is practice. I would like to call upon all the Nepalese to believe in the process of evolution and not to expect for changes overnight.
a It is also a ripe time for young leader from different walks of life with clean image to take the lead to bring backcountry to the right track. These people can people living in self-exile abroad or people excelling in various walks of life in Nepal. However we need committed people dedicated to broad based democracy sincere to bring good governance to uplift others and not repress them.
It is also high time the older politician seriously works towards the same cause. It is also necessary that they do not repeat the mistakes of the past. They should bring radical change in their political, social and economical thoughts. It must be made sure that there is a change in the system and not only a change in regime.
Having said the above I should not forget to mention that we all should awaken to the needs of the country .Let us all raise questions,? On the hard realities facing the country?? ?If you dream for peace, harmony and good governance?? If yes, please also realize the power that you have in you. Then awaken to the present needs of the country and be the change that you want to see in your world.
a Your dreams can be achieved if you understand the power in you. There are examples where single action, one word or a person bringing enormous changes to bring difference in peoples lives. Mahatma Gandhi from our neighboring south brought down the mighty Britisher on their knees. This was brought on the principles of ? non-violence?. One thought expressed can bring a critical change in the group behavior contributing to a mass uprising for betterment.
Ladies and gentlemen its now time for us to take action and be the change that we want to see in our world. It is time to take actions. It might be in as small form as,? influencing more and more people that ?ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?. Let me assure you that your dream, my dream to live in peace and harmony. Our dream to have broad based democracy in Nepal is just around the corner.

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